We know you're needing to complete tasks for the school year. Check out this list of FAQs to see if your request is answered in one of our user guides.

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"How do I add people to my school?"

"How do I approve coaches, trainers, and other administrators into my school?"

How do I edit permissions for my staff?

How do I establish my school's eligibility requirements?

"Can I change the view of the Eligibility Checklist?"

"How Do I Set Up Next Year's School Requirements?"

How do I set up a simple school form

How do I create an athlete record?"

"How do I review an athlete's completed electronic paperwork or uploaded documents?"

"How do I approve an uploaded Physical Exam (or another document)?"

"How do I reject an uploaded Physical Exam (or another document)?"

Does "Cleared For Play and Practice" mean an athlete is eligible to participate?

How do I submit forms to my association?

What is the Public Directory?

"How do I connect DragonFly to my academic software?"

"What is Academic Standing?"

"How do you calculate GPA?"

"How do I create a custom grade requirement?"

Academic CSV File Troubleshooting Guide

"How do I edit a team's setup information?"

Set Up Your Team or Group Roster

Adding Physicians Information

"How Do I Handle Duplicates in MAX?"

"Why can't I merge these profiles?"

"How do I set up a fee for my athletes or coaches?"

"How can I give my athletes a discount on team fees?"

"What is the PC Column on my Eligibility Checklist?"

"What is the Rostered Column on my Eligibility Checklist?"

How do I get a game sanctioned?

"How do I declare my sports for the school year?"

"How do I pay an invoice for my state association financial forms?"

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