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Full Suite Onboarding Guide
Full Suite Onboarding Guide
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Welcome to CHALK IT PRO (or CHIP as most of our clients like to call us)!

We are glad to have you on board and have put together this brief guide to help you get started.

Please refer to for more in depth guides on all topics.

The following are the recommended steps to follow for new clients using the class scheduler and billing module in CHIP:

STEP 1 - Set up your Organization

Set up your Organization Profile in the app:

STEP 2 - Invite your Coaches (optional)

Invite your coaches or any other admins to join the app to begin exploring. (This step is optional)

To invite your coaches:

Look for the Create a New Member button. Click it and fill the form out for each coach.

After you create the account promote the Permissions to have Coach or Admin access.

Coaches get access to all menu items under the Coaches sub menu.

Admins get access to all menu items under both the Coaches and Administration sub menus.

Click below for the SOP on creating Coaches and Admins.

STEP 3 - Connect Billing via Stripe

Next up you will connect a Stripe account to CHIP

Please click below for instructions on how that process is completed.

Once we have linked your Stripe account you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed setting up your taxes, memberships, and store items. You can continue with STEP 4 below while you wait.

STEP 4 - Decide if you want to migrate customers and payment data from your old system

Decide how you will be migrating your clients payment info. Pick a or b below.

a. Migrate payment info from your existing provider to your new Stripe account

  • Contact your payment provider support (i.e. Push Press, Wodify), and tell them you want to migrate your customers and their payment information to your Stripe account. (FYI: If you use Push Press or Wodify or XPlor you most likely have a Stripe account, but you do not own your customers info and payment details . They are usually designated as ‘guests’ and controlled by their systems)

  • To migrate data into your Stripe account you will need your Stripe Account Id (commonly known as the destination number). That can be found in the upper corner of this page and starts with "acct_"

If your current provider doesn't user Stripe for payment processing you will have to contact them and ask if they are able to migrate the customers and payment info to your new account.

If your current provider uses Stripe for payment processing you can use the sample email below to send to their support team. Just fill in the parts in parenthesis

Hi Support Team!

I want to request a migration/copy of my customers from your platform to my new Stripe account.

Could you please login to your Stripe master account and process a copy of my customers and their payment info for (THE NAME OF YOUR ORG IN THEIR SYSTEM) to my new destination account below.


Thank you for your prompt attention!!

  • They will kick off a migration request to Stripe on their end. Once Stripe acknowledges and completes their migration you will be asked by Stripe to accept the incoming data transfer via email. All you have to do is go to your Customers page in stripe and accept the migration.

  • Feel free to CC on any email communications that we may provide assistance on.

b. Ask your customers to re-enter their payment info into Chalk it

  • If this is your preferred route you don't have to do anything at this moment. We will create and invite everyone to CHIP at a later stage.

STEP 5 -Create your Tracks

What are tracks? You can think of tracks as the mechanisms that control access to Workouts and Classes.

What are some Track examples? Tracks are things like ‘Workout of the Day”, “Olympic Lifting”, “Personal Training”, "Open Gym Access", "Nutrition"

Check out our SOP for details on how to create Tracks and understanding access to them.

STEP 6 - Create your Documents

Create any waivers or documents for your Organization.

See Document management video in

STEP 7 - Create your Memberships

Plan out your Memberships → See creating Memberships tutorial on

STEP 8 - Create your Classes and Schedule

Plan out your Classes Create recurring classes → See creating Classes tutorial on

STEP 9 - Create your Store Products (optional)

Create your Store Products --> Create any physical products you will be selling

STEP 10 - Create your current members in Chalk It Pro

We can create your members ahead of time without sending invitations first.

This allows you to set up everything in advance for your members. (payments, memberships, etc). You can ask them to register and get access to the platform later.

SEND A SPREADSHEET WITH FIRST/LAST/EMAIL to with subject line Member Import .

Optional columns such as telephone, date of birth (m/d/yyyy), telephone, gender can also be included in the spreadsheet.

Get customers payment info into Chalk It:

If you are migrating customers/payment info from another provider please wait until the migration is complete. After the migration is done you will link the Stripe customers to the members in CHIP. To do so go to: and press the Link Customers button

If you are asking members to re-enter payment info manually now is the time to ask them to register for the app and begin that process under their ‘Account Info’ area

  1. Once your customers have a payment method in the system you can begin assigning them memberships . Watch the Assigning memberships video at

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