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We've made the Stora onboarding process simple to help you get up and running quickly. We'll be on hand to help guide you through this process. This quick start guide will help you understand the main points of getting started with Stora.

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Website Approach

Decide whether you're using the Stora full website or your existing website with Stora for bookings and payments. We'll guide you through the domain settings to get this live.

Set up Stripe

You can set up your Stripe account within Stora. Just let us know when you're ready to go live with payments.

Configure Tax Rates

Set up your applicable tax rates for unit types and insurance.

Update Website Content

Update the homepage and various pages with your specific content. You can also add extra pages like a blog, to expand the content. Add your logo and favicon under appearance. Learn more about storefront settings here.

Update your terms and conditions on the applicable terms page. Customers will accept these terms upon checkout.

Optimise for Online Sales

Create your Site, Unit Types & Units

You can edit the site information to tailor it to your storage site. Set up the unit types you have at your site and then set up your units.

Set Up Billing Periods

You can enable weekly/4 weekly/monthly/quarterly/bi-annual/annual payment periods as required. One option can be chosen for your storefront bookings, and you can utilise the other option from the back office.

Create your Site Map

When you've created all your units, you'll be able to complete your site Map. This will give you an overall view of your site.

Update Insurance/Protection

If you sell insurance or protection you can edit the existing coverage amounts or create new. You can also track the amount of coverage you have on your overall policy. Link your terms to your insurance/protection page under the pages section, and follow the stipulations as set by your insurance provider.

Create Discounts

Set up discounts for use on the Storefront or create coupon codes.

Set Up Check-in

Decide on your check in approach. You can avail of the inbuilt ID checker, and we can help to automate the contract signing process.

Import Existing Customers

Complete the customer import spreadsheet and send this through to us. This will speed up the process of creating subscriptions within Stora for your existing customers.

Edit Invoice Details

You can add some useful items such as a VAT/Tax number, bank account details or general text to the invoice template.

Learn More About Stora

At the top of your Stora account under Help you'll find a Help Center which provides informative articles on all topics.

Ongoing Support

You'll have access to our support portal to speak to us directly, and review relevant help articles.

*This guide isn't exhaustive, there are many features you can configure during the setup and we'll guide you through those. We're also constantly adding features and functions to Stora. Keep an eye on the Changelog for updates!

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