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Getting Started for Educators
Getting Started for Educators

Follow this guide to get started on Writable.

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Meet Writable

Writable is a writing program for grades 3-12 that engages and scaffolds students through the writing process while saving teachers time on prep and feedback. Writable supports whole group, small group, independent practice, and virtual learning, with the ability to support writing alongside reading in ELA and content areas.

The following guide includes embedded links to step-by-step guides, videos, and additional resources.

Set up your Writable Account and Classes

1. Go to
2. Choose a sign-in option

  • 'Sign in with Google' to link your Google account. This allows access to Google Classroom and Google Docs.

  • 'Sign in with Microsoft' to link to your Microsoft account for quick and easy log-in.

  • 'Sign in with Schoology' if your school/district has set up a Schoology integration. Click here for more information about linking Writable and Schoology.

Tip! Check out these support resources if your school or district uses an LMS, such as Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, or HMH Ed.

Copy, Customize, or Create an Assignment

Writable has a library of more than 600 assignments and prompts and it’s easy to customize or create your own assignment.

This year we are excited to share new Writable Journeys - assignment collections to help you guide students from simple writing tasks to more complex writing goals. Choose a Journey from the Explore Library to get started, and click here to read more on how to use these assignments.

You can find over 600 customizable assignments and prompts in the rest of the Explore library. Click 'My District' to find assignments shared by your district leaders.


Assign to Classes

Once you have your first assignment and your classes are setup, follow these steps:

1. Click ‘Assign’ and select which classes you'd like to assign to.


3. Once you assign, the assignment will appear as ‘Active’ on ‘My Assignments’, and students will be able to access the assignment on Writable.

❗ Note: Students using an LMS with Writable will also find their assignments in their course assignment list. Read how students find assignments in Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology.

Looking for more about the student experience? Check out these articles and videos:

Guide and Grade Student Writing

Once students begin submitting their work, you can start guiding your students with feedback and reviews.

Tip! Over time, you can progress monitor and differentiate instruction in ‘Report’.

Ready to dive into more support resources?

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