Onboarding Checklist

Get started today by using the checklist to get set up immediately.

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Do you need us to import members? Download Import File and email us at onboarding@triib.com. Take a look at our Guide to Importing Members

Step 1: Triib Settings

Step 2: Add Staff Members (optional)

Step 5: Add Attendance Packs (Optional)

Step 6: Set up Appointments (Optional)

Step 7: Create Automated Alerts & Messaging
             - Welcome Email
             - Payment Alerts

Step 8: Set up Program Restrictions (Optional)

Step 9: Set Up Store/Products (Optional)

Step 10:

Integrate Triib URLs on your website (excluding Premium Customers)

Embed Class Schedule on your website (excluding Premium Customers)

Optional: Do you have restricted memberships where someone on that plan cannot see all programs or classes? If so, Set-Up Program Restrictions

Optional: Do you have fitness programs where you will release workouts to members? If so, Set up Coaches Corner / Programming

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