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How to transition to new food

Are there PFAS chemicals in your pet food bags?
Why are canned foods for dogs and cats unavailable and when are they coming back?
When will the new Advanced Gut Health System (fiber blend) be in my food?
Can I add water to the dry dog or cat food?
Do you have a veterinary nutritionist on staff?
Is it possible to get samples of your pet foods?
How many cups of food are in a bag?
Do your foods meet WSAVA nutrition recommendations?
Which dog food formula should I choose for my puppy?
What do you mean by "holistically formulated" pet food?
What's the difference between your grain-free and regular all life stage kibbles?
Does your kibble come in different sizes?
Are your all stage foods appropriate for puppies and kittens, too?
Mixing Dry and Canned Dog Food Portions
Mixing Dry and Canned Cat Food Portions
How long can I leave canned food out in my pet's bowl?
If I run out of pet food before my next order arrives, what should I feed my dog or cat?
What do I do if my dog/cat doesn't seem interested in eating our food?
I see a lot more raw pet food than I used to. Why don't you sell raw food?
Why don't you offer any baked pet foods?
What's the difference between extruded and baked food?
What's the best way to store kibble?
Do I need to worry about heat exposure to my dry dog or cat food?
Do I need to worry about heat exposure to my order of canned food?
Can you provide any results of digestibility tests for your pet foods?
Is your pet food packaging recyclable?
What kind of cans do you use for pet food, and are they BPA-free?
I noticed that your products often have 'AAFCO' on the label. What is this?
Do you have a veterinary nutritionist on staff?
How do I compare pet foods that aren't included in the comparison charts?
Do you have phytoestrogen free food?
Do I have to worry about my pet's food and bird flu?