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Nebraska: Adding Period Attendance descriptors
Identifying data quality errors with the SIF Validation page for Iowa State Reporting
Mass assign MCCC data elements for Ed-Fi reporting
Understanding Wisconsin learning modalities
Collecting, reviewing, and reporting Digital Equity information
Wisconsin: Mass changing learning modality
Mass assign CTE Programs to students in Wisconsin
Delete course data for Minnesota Ed-Fi reporting
MCCC reporting via Minnesota Ed-Fi
Running a Civil Rights Data Course report
Update course data for Minnesota Ed-Fi reporting
Setting up college courses in jmc
Editing Wisconsin Program History Records
Import ISASP claim codes into jmc Office
Submitting "During the School Year" data via WISEdata for Wisconsin schools
Submitting CTE records to your WISEdata portal
Import Wisconsin special education data via WISEdata
Importing Wisconsin CTE concentrator records from the prior year
Assigning Wisconsin's CTE Programs to a Student in jmc Office
Understanding Wisconsin Career and Technical Education in jmc
Import Iowa special education from prior year
Adding instructional minutes for a course section
Entering Certified or Non-Certified Career Education Program Data for non-course based Wisconsin CTE
Import LIEP data from prior year for Iowa schools
Updating Course Sections for Wisconsin CTE, dual credit, and world language programs
Course based Wisconsin CTE course setup
Validate Minnesota SSIDs in bulk
Calculate attendance in Minnesota
Edit school data for MARSS
Acquiring state IDs
Enter a student's logical building
Check for errors before submitting fall MARSS files
Submit Nebraska Year End data
Submitting "Start of Year" data via WISEdata for Wisconsin schools
Import staff WISEids for starting the year
Nebraska End Year: Post graduate tab
Edit Carl Perkins program and course codes
Print a "Perkins" report
Wisconsin: English language learner proficiency coding
Create a Perkins file for Minnesota state reporting
Wisconsin: English learner reporting
Create a licensed staff employment record for Minnesota STAR reporting
Wisconsin End Year: Discipline tab
Create staff files for STAR reporting
Creating fall MARSS files
Entering digital equity responses on the View Student Data page
Add a non-licensed staff member in jmc's STAR module
Edit course STAR assignment codes
Getting a student's WISEid
Wisconsin End Year: General tab
Creating Minnesota early education program registration records
Activating a Minnesota student that has returned over the summer
Import course data for STAR reporting
Check for errors before submitting STAR files
Wisconsin End Year: Checklist tab
Printing STAR staff data
Minnesota: Create a graduation requirements record
Minnesota: Get lists of students who haven't passed standards
Minnesota: Combine output files
Import Minnesota special education and program history records for Ed-Fi
Adding instructional time planned for Nebraska courses
Submit ADVISER start year data
Nebraska: ADVISER submit CRDC data
Nebraska: ADVISER End Year reporting
Nebraska End Year: Checklist tab
Nebraska: ADVISER End Year post graduate tab
Minnesota Ed-Fi Start Year tab
Updating students by grade level for Nebraska schools
Minnesota Ed-fi update a student
ADVISER delete student
Update students by grade level for Minnesota schools
Nebraska: ADVISER update course
Nebraska: ADVISER update calendar dates
Nebraska: ADVISER update attendance
Nebraska: Current enrollment history report
Import program history from prior year
Nebraska: Special education status
Deleting a testing cohort
Creating a testing cohort
Import Nebraska special education history from prior year
Nebraska: Update special education history from ADVISER API
Mass exit students in Nebraska
Nebraska: Overview of managing student enrollment history data for ADVISER
Export WISEid Person Upload File
Import WISEid Person Upload File
Update students by grade level for Wisconsin schools
Wisconsin: WISEdata update a student's data
WISEdata delete student
Wisconsin: Get a list of state course codes
Wisconsin: WISEdata update course information
Wisconsin: Current enrollment history report
Wisconsin: Search for special education history discrepancies
Import Wisconsin special education history from prior year
Wisconsin: Mass exit students
Edit Minnesota program history records and special education history records
Update Minnesota Ed-Fi Settings
Updating Wisconsin certified migrant education records in jmc
Marking Minnesota students eligible for early education funding
Defining Minnesota early education subgroups
Understanding Minnesota early education in jmc
Understanding Minnesota Perkins reporting in jmc
Assigning instructional time for multiple courses at once for Nebraska schools
Managing staff data with jmc's STAR module
Add licensed staff assignments in jmc's STAR module
Associating embedded work-based learning opportunities with courses in Iowa
Create a Residency Status History record for a non-traditional student in Wisconsin
Creating Minnesota early childhood screening records
Understanding student Education Savings Account eligibility in jmc
Exporting an ESA student eligibility file
Using the Minnesota Student Ed-Fi Lookup tool
Identifying Iowa students receiving ESA funds
Submitting End Year data via WISEdata for Wisconsin schools
Import enrollment history from a prior year